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Oh dude that voice is really annoying.
It was an idea that should have been 15 seconds at most and it really dragged on. I at first thought it was a comedy but it was just health advice done in quite a mean way.
There was no real animation just static images floating past...

I give this a 2 as it was original but didn't work.

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It done not load properly

TimThompson1979 responds:

I know. Thanks. I'm working on fixing it.

If you know its not gonna be good just dont submit it

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Pretty good, I liked the voices and found it kind of like Anger Bird.

My only complaint was the loading animation. He looked a little like a perverted Jack Nicholson

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Really cool game idea. It reminds me of a game on the IOS called traffic rush which is also pretty cool.
I wish this had a soundtrack tho

dAlex65 responds:

Thank you

It got fwappy bird set up but no adictive... dem fire tree is real bad tho

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Pretty good... reminded me of an exotic cleaning lady cleaning away

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Good grief, this song gave me shingerz all up my spine. Felt lovely like a home cooked meal that you get at home

This song is kind of like dirty dad at a pasta shop

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Wow I find him quite intimidating

Pretty good colours, I like the fish too. Is it a Koi?

freaknarf responds:

Thank you !! I just wanted to draw a random fish, but now i'll tell people it's a Koi ! :] it's true that it looks a bit like it...

Not too bad but its a little sexual for my liking

Killerwolf1020 responds:

Thank you, too bad this is meant to be sexual :P

Well, ok... I wana make flash but my mum wont let me just yet... so I'll just go rate other people's untill that day...

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